'Genitals for Nonbinaries'

Underwear: mesh underwear, fabric scraps, plastic scraps, ribbon.
Prints: printed onto silk. Both A3.
The underwear was created to represent the feeling that the artist feels about their genitalia as a non-binary person.
"I feel like the itch I experienced when wearing them was so similar to the gender dysphoria I experience. Like you want to take it off, you wanna hide, you don't wanna focus on them. But, what are you gonna do about it? You don't want a penis??? You've gotta deal with it. But, it was liberating doing this shoot, you don't know what I have, and if non-binary genitalia was like this (speckled with bright fabrics) and I was able to slip into it as easy as a binder- maybe I wouldn't feel so bad."
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